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platform – access to underlying platform’s identifying data

This module implements a subset of the corresponding CPython module, as described below. For more information, refer to the original CPython documentation: platform.

This module tries to retrieve as much platform-identifying data as possible. It makes this information available via function APIs.



Returns a string identifying the underlying platform. This string is composed of several substrings in the following order, delimited by dashes (-):

  • the name of the platform system (e.g. Unix, Windows or MicroPython)

  • the MicroPython version

  • the architecture of the platform

  • the version of the underlying platform

  • the concatenation of the name of the libc that MicroPython is linked to and its corresponding version.

For example, this could be "MicroPython-1.20.0-xtensa-IDFv4.2.4-with-newlib3.0.0".


Returns a string identifying the compiler used for compiling MicroPython.


Returns a tuple of strings (lib, version), where lib is the name of the libc that MicroPython is linked to, and version the corresponding version of this libc.