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cryptolib – cryptographic ciphers


class cryptolib.aes
classmethod __init__(key, mode[, IV])

Initialize cipher object, suitable for encryption/decryption. Note: after initialization, cipher object can be use only either for encryption or decryption. Running decrypt() operation after encrypt() or vice versa is not supported.

Parameters are:

  • key is an encryption/decryption key (bytes-like).

  • mode is:

    • 1 (or cryptolib.MODE_ECB if it exists) for Electronic Code Book (ECB).

    • 2 (or cryptolib.MODE_CBC if it exists) for Cipher Block Chaining (CBC).

    • 6 (or cryptolib.MODE_CTR if it exists) for Counter mode (CTR).

  • IV is an initialization vector for CBC mode.

  • For Counter mode, IV is the initial value for the counter.

encrypt(in_buf[, out_buf])

Encrypt in_buf. If no out_buf is given result is returned as a newly allocated bytes object. Otherwise, result is written into mutable buffer out_buf. in_buf and out_buf can also refer to the same mutable buffer, in which case data is encrypted in-place.

decrypt(in_buf[, out_buf])

Like encrypt(), but for decryption.