This is the documentation for the latest development branch of MicroPython and may refer to features that are not available in released versions.

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General information about the Zephyr port

The Zephyr Project is a Linux Foundation hosted Collaboration Project. It’s an open source collaborative effort uniting developers and users in building a small, scalable, real-time operating system (RTOS) optimized for resource-constrained devices, across multiple architectures.

Multitude of boards

There is a multitude of modules and boards from different sources that are supported by the Zephyr OS. All boards supported by Zephyr (with standard level of features support, like UART console) should work with MicroPython (but not all were tested). The FRDM-K64f board is taken as a reference board for the port for this documentation. If you have another board, please make sure you have a datasheet, schematics and other reference materials for your board handy to look up various aspects of your board functioning.

For a full list of Zephyr supported boards click here (external link)