ucollections – collection and container types

This module implements advanced collection and container types to hold/accumulate various objects.


ucollections.namedtuple(name, fields)

This is factory function to create a new namedtuple type with a specific name and set of fields. A namedtuple is a subclass of tuple which allows to access its fields not just by numeric index, but also with an attribute access syntax using symbolic field names. Fields is a sequence of strings specifying field names. For compatibility with CPython it can also be a a string with space-separated field named (but this is less efficient). Example of use:

from ucollections import namedtuple

MyTuple = namedtuple("MyTuple", ("id", "name"))
t1 = MyTuple(1, "foo")
t2 = MyTuple(2, "bar")
assert t2.name == t2[1]

dict type subclass which remembers and preserves the order of keys added. When ordered dict is iterated over, keys/items are returned in the order they were added:

from ucollections import OrderedDict

# To make benefit of ordered keys, OrderedDict should be initialized
# from sequence of (key, value) pairs.
d = OrderedDict([("z", 1), ("a", 2)])
# More items can be added as usual
d["w"] = 5
d["b"] = 3
for k, v in d.items():
    print(k, v)


z 1
a 2
w 5
b 3