esp — functions related to the ESP8266

The esp module contains specific functions related to the ESP8266 module.



Get or set the sleep type.

If the sleep_type parameter is provided, sets the sleep type to its value. If the function is called without parameters, returns the current sleep type.

The possible sleep types are defined as constants:

  • SLEEP_NONE – all functions enabled,
  • SLEEP_MODEM – modem sleep, shuts down the WiFi Modem circuit.
  • SLEEP_LIGHT – light sleep, shuts down the WiFi Modem circuit and suspends the processor periodically.

The system enters the set sleep mode automatically when possible.


Enter deep sleep.

The whole module powers down, except for the RTC clock circuit, which can be used to restart the module after the specified time if the pin 16 is connected to the reset pin. Otherwise the module will sleep until manually reset.


Read the device ID of the flash memory.

esp.flash_read(byte_offset, length_or_buffer)
esp.flash_write(byte_offset, bytes)