esp — functions related to the ESP8266

The esp module contains specific functions related to the ESP8266 module.



Return the current status of the wireless connection.

The possible statuses are defined as constants:

  • STAT_IDLE – no connection and no activity,
  • STAT_CONNECTING – connecting in progress,
  • STAT_WRONG_PASSWORD – failed due to incorrect password,
  • STAT_NO_AP_FOUND – failed because no access point replied,
  • STAT_CONNECT_FAIL – failed due to other problems,
  • STAT_GOT_IP – connection susccessful.
esp.getaddrinfo((hostname, port, lambda))

Initiate resolving of the given hostname.

When the hostname is resolved, the provided lambda callback will be called with two arguments, first being the hostname being resolved, second a tuple with information about that hostname.