This is the documentation for the latest development branch of MicroPython and may refer to features that are not available in released versions.

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1. Getting started with MicroPython on the Zephyr port

Let’s get started!

1.1. Requirements

To use the MicroPython Zephyr port, you will need a Zephyr supported board (for a list of acceptable boards see General information about the Zephyr port).

1.2. Powering up

If your board has a USB connector on it then most likely it is powered through this when connected to your PC. Otherwise you will need to power it directly. Please refer to the documentation for your board for further details.

1.3. Getting and deploying the firmware

The first step you will need to do is either clone the MicroPython repository or download it from the MicroPython downloads page. If you are an end user of MicroPython, it is recommended to start with the stable firmware builds. If you would like to work on development, you may follow the daily builds on git.

Next, follow the Zephyr port readme document (ports/zephyr/ to build and run the application on your board.