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class USB_HID – USB Human Interface Device (HID)

The USB_HID class allows creation of an object representing the USB Human Interface Device (HID) interface. It can be used to emulate a peripheral such as a mouse or keyboard.

Before you can use this class, you need to use pyb.usb_mode() to set the USB mode to include the HID interface.


class pyb.USB_HID

Create a new USB_HID object.


USB_HID.recv(data, *, timeout=5000)

Receive data on the bus:

  • data can be an integer, which is the number of bytes to receive, or a mutable buffer, which will be filled with received bytes.

  • timeout is the timeout in milliseconds to wait for the receive.

Return value: if data is an integer then a new buffer of the bytes received, otherwise the number of bytes read into data is returned.


Send data over the USB HID interface:

  • data is the data to send (a tuple/list of integers, or a bytearray).